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Tetra Pak has considerable processing and packaging expertise in the food sector. The company has expanded its business to include much more than packaging of liquid food products. Today, ice cream, cheese, dry foods, fruits, vegetables and pet food are examples of what can be packaged in Tetra Pak packages. By developing packaging, which preserves the nutritional value and taste of products, the distribution of these food products to the consumer has been greatly facilitated. Tetra Pak packaging is easy to distribute and handle. The range of processing equipment offered includes separators, heat exchangers, homogenisers, evaporators, aseptic processing systems and flow equipment.

Packaging has a very important function: to protect food from the point of manufacture up until it is consumed.

Packaging has many benefits:

  • Protection: Packages protect the contents from light, microorganisms and air, and the environment.
  • Preservation: Good packages help preserve food and prolong its shelf life during storage, transport, retailing and consumption.
  • Communication: Packages carry important product information about ingredients, quantities, nutritional value, use, sell-by dates and much more.
  • Convenience: Packages provide convenience for consumers by enabling the food to be transported easily and stored until served.

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